Loren Crabbe
Wellness Practitioner

Loren Crabbe is a wellness practitioner serving the greater NYC area. She specializes rehabilitative Pilates, postural correction, core development and structural realignments. Equipped with a large toolbox of experience and several certifications - STOTT certified Pilates instructor, Postural Analysis Specialist, and AFAA Certified Personal and Group Instructor - Loren is able to treat a wide variety of clients with vastly different needs.

Her own journey through life as a car accident survivor and experience with spine surgery has given Loren invaluable experience in becoming a healer. These life experiences with physical trauma, injuries and rehabilitation help her to understand, support, and empathize with her clientele. She has studied many techniques with the goals of reducing pain, increasing stability, and preventing further injury. Her years of training, focus, and determination to rehabilitate herself have given her the tools necessary to develop customized programs that do the same for her patients. As a firm believer in overall wellness, she considers the emotional, mental, and physical all essential components in creating well-rounded programs and experiences.

Loren has always been fascinated with using her body as a tool to communicate and create. There is a close relationship between the ways in which a physical trainer and a sculptor shape their mediums. A process that begins as an in-depth study to understand her subject transitions into a plan of action and then an eventual transformation. She locates the key structural and muscular imbalances that are causing pain symptoms and then, with precise stability and mobility, corrects these imbalances. The focus on balance and strength in her sculptures and with her clientele in the mental and physical is central to Loren's craft.

Loren Crabbe - Wellness Practitioner