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beFIT Physical Therapy, PLLC was founded in 2011 under the philosophy that every client deserves the full attention of his or her therapist. At beFIT THERAPY, we believe in maximizing one-on-one time with every client in order to customize a treatment plan that is specific not only to the diagnosis, but to the individual as well. We feel this relationship-based approach allows each client to be comfortable pushing themselves beyond their normal limits to help reach their goals. This will not only improve each client's results, but their rehabilitative experience as well.


To put it simply, your goals are our goals. Whether you are training for an endurance event, rehabilitating from a surgery, or simply want to get through daily activities pain-free, no goal is too big or too small. Aiding in the achievement of our client's recovery is what encourages our Doctors of Physical Therapy to strive for perfection. The moment our client is able to once again raise their hand overhead or take their initial unassisted steps without discomfort is what beFIT THERAPY thrives upon.


At beFIT THERAPY, we designed our facility in a modern and exciting space to maximize positive energy. We believe this adds to the treatment experience by giving our clients an environment best suited for recovery and achieving excellence.