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Pre/Post Surgical Rehabilitation

Effects of surgery on the body

Undergoing an orthopedic surgical procedure, no matter how minor, is always a temporary shock to our system. The human body is designed to have natural defense mechanisms against anything that poses as harmful, and when we elect to have orthopedic surgery, the body only knows to interpret this as a traumatic experience. In response to this "trauma", the nearest involved joints experience what is referred to as autogenic inhibition of the muscles which control them, in other words, a shutdown of muscular activity.

Physical Therapy Intervention

Physical therapy can then be used to regain strength and proper body mechanics. Leading research has also proven the effectiveness of physical therapy pre-operatively by confirming its direct correlation to improved surgical outcomes and faster recovery rates.

What beFIT THERAPY Can Do for You?

We at beFIT THERAPY will design a comprehensive rehabilitation program specific to your individual needs. If you are preparing for surgery, we can help to minimize your symptoms and physical limitations as much as possible, so that you can begin the recovery process with a head start. We will tailor a post-operative treatment plan to both your specific injury and your personal levels of mobility and strength.

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