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I just wanted to say thank you to Amy for helping me to constantly improve! This weekend I went down to the March in Washington DC. It was so much walking but I had nowhere near my usual level of pain. It was something I would not have been able to experience without the help from Amy! I have even been able to re-incorporate yoga without it feeling painful! Thanks again!
- Angelica

"Receiving treatment from beFit is probably the best medical decision I've ever made. Brian and the staff at beFit helped me rehabilitate after two arthroscopic hip surgeries (one on each side). Brian and the others at beFit helped me recover from the surgeries, leaving me in better shape than I'd been in before the surgeries and offering holistic treatment to reduce the chance of future injury. BeFit offers highly specialized treatment during which you see a physical therapist one-on-one for a full hour. That personalized treatment is critical. Just as importantly, BeFit is incredibly organized: appointments are easy to schedule and always on time. I can't recommend beFit highly enough."
- Dan

"Brian: First you took me from a sprained hamstring to my first 10K. Then you took me from a fractured patella to a PR in the NYC Marathon. This time you took me from a total ACL repair (harvested hamstring) to Hermitage Championship and overall Club Series winner. You are gifted...and tenacious. I will try to stop breaking things, but I struggle to be conservative when you are always there to put me back together again. Thank you!!!"
- Connie

"Working with the team at BeFIT truly has changed my life. The last couple of years every time i would work out i would pull out my back. Brian taught me how to stretch, improve my posture and strengthen my core so that i not only feel better but am now working out regularly, spinning and taking gym classes." - Jackie

"Brian and beFit are true gems. Going to see Brian at beFit was one of the best decisions I ever made for myself. I came to Brian and beFit in frustratingly poor shape after a serious illness with a daunting recovery ahead of me. I wasn't sure if I would ever be back in the kind of physical shape I had been in previously, and with Brian's help, I am actually in the best shape of my adult life, which has opened so many doors for me to expand my daily exercise and physical fitness routines and make working out something I enjoy again what a gift. beFit is intimate and comfortable, and the level of expertise combined with personal attention, individual focus, and genuine care he put into my recovery is really unheard of in NYC and PT. Most importantly, Brian gave me hope and confidence in myself, and made it fun along the way! I trust Brian completely and wholeheartedly and send everyone who will listen to him!" - Megan