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What makes our program unique?

The golf fitness program at beFIT was created to ensure that our clients get the mobility, strength, and balance needed to improve their game. beFIT Therapy has partnered with SSwing golf performance center to provide a comprehensive physical evaluation, exercise program development, and full swing analysis. This unique partnership marries the technique of the golf swing with the mechanics of the body to maximize a golfer’s potential. Besides coming into one of our two beautiful facilities., you also have the option to see us live online.


No two bodies move the same, the components of your swing and physical evaluation aide us to identify the impairments that our limiting your golf performance. Following your assessment, we will put together an exercise program that is specific to your needs and goals. One of our main objectives, is to teach you how to help yourself everyday. With that in mind, we developed our own exercise app. So, for every exercise that we teach you, there will be a video of it on the app. This allows us to build and adjust your program over time, all the while you essentially have us in your pocket!

Program Components

The components of each program vary because they are tailored to each individual needs, but the primary focus is placed on improvement of flexibility, core strength, balance, and swing technique. Improvement of any of these will improve your golf game. Improving all four will take your game to the next level!

  • Understand how in-flexibility effects your ball striking
  • Increase mobility, strength and thus performance
  • beFIT creates the ability to move and SSwing improves technique
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