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Sports Medicine as a Specialty

Sports medicine and the rehabilitation of sports-related injuries is one of many specializations within the profession of physical therapy (PT). It affects a much larger percentage of the population than other sub-divisions of PT because of the wide range of athletes that exist. An athlete can be defined as anyone who pushes themselves to a point of physical exertion in sport, whether it be for the benefit of exercise or for competitive purposes. Regardless of their athletic level or reason for participating in sport, each athlete is a unique individual who deserves customized treatment for their specific injury, which meshes perfectly with beFIT THERAPY's philosophy surrounding individualized care.

First-hand Knowledge of Athletes

At beFIT THERAPY, we are athletes ourselves so we understand that those who walk through our door are likely to be proactive in their rehabilitation and will generally have a higher than average baseline level of fitness. Combining these facts with our customized treatment approach and each athlete's natural inclination to strive for excellence allows beFIT THERAPY to get athletes to push themselves to their desired goals quickly and without unnecessary complications or risks.

Credentials Behind the Specialty

As Sports Certified Specialists recognized by the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA), beFIT therapists Doctors Gurney and Aitken have each earned a renowned qualification in the treatment of athletic injuries. This specialized certification gives beFIT THERAPY advanced knowledge of proper treatment options for the athletic population.