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Kat Boger

Kat is a Licensed Massage Therapist in New York (2014), certified Fitness Trainer (2008), and educator.  She specializes in sports massage applications, trigger point therapy, and is certified in Neurokinetic Therapy (NKT) and Modern Cupping Therapy.  In addition, she has experience in several therapeutic therapies including medical massage, myofascial release, therapeutic stretching, and Thai massage.

As owner of KAT BodyTech, Inc., Kat has become known for working with pain management, injury recovery, as well as improving performance, mobility, and flexibility.  She has worked with many competing and professional athletes ranging from college football, tennis professionals (US Open), and international professional bodybuilders. She has also incorporated cupping therapy into her practice with incredible results.

Kat & BodyTech are passionate about helping people achieve balance in their physical, emotional, and behavioral wellness.  Each session helps clients to take back control of their body by achieving relief from pain, increased energy, decreased stress, and higher confidence.

Kat Boger, LMT