Spine Rehabilitation

Effect of Spine Dysfunction

Dysfunction of the spine can be severely debilitating to one's ability to perform activities at both home and work. Pain in the lumbar spine (lower back) is the number one reason for missed days of work, followed by pain of the cervical spine (neck) as the second. 

Physical Therapy Intervention

Research has shown that targeted exercises, proper body mechanics, and correct postural concepts taught within physical therapy can help decrease spine dysfunction and significantly reduce the risk of recurrence.

How can beFIT THERAPY Help

At beFIT THERAPY, each of our Doctors of Physical Therapy is trained and up-to-date in the most current manual therapy techniques and exercise prescriptions specific to spine rehabilitation. Using treatment regimens customized by the individual and their injury, we are able to simultaneously treat both the injury itself and the resulting symptoms.

Spine Rehab - beFIT THERAPY Spine Rehab - beFIT THERAPY